About Us

It all began with our first motorcycle, a 1979 BMW R65 which we purchased together before we were married.  That was 1980.  Unfortunately we had to sell the R65, but it was a sweet bike that provided many years of necessary transportation and some memorable rides as well. Now the barn is housing many more Beemers…..an 1974 R90 air head, a 2003 F650GS, a 2004 R1150RS and the one which we have the most fun on a 2012 R1200GS.  a 2016 R1200GSA.  We retired the GS and moved to a GSA this year.



We have been riding since 1980.  Once children started coming along in 1982 the trips together ceased. Our thinking was that at least one of us should be alive to raise the children should something happen while motorcycling.  So fast forward to 2012 and 3 kids later, now all grown and living their own lives.  We decided it was time to get back to what we enjoyed when we were young and in our early 20’s-motorcycling!  The adventures begun –we are having a blast!!


We sort of stumbled into adventure riding/touring in 2012 when we purchased the BMW R1200GS instead of that convertible sports car.  The convertible is long gone from our thoughts (maybe someday when we can no longer get our legs over a bike).1200gs

muffinWe were looking for a bike that was short enough for me should I decide to ride first seat, but big enough for both of us to do long distances.  A low suspension 1200 GS was the bike that filled both needs.  


So it sounds like we are free to take off and hit the back roads any time we like-great bike to ride and kids are out of the house!  Not so fast…we both still have jobs (not retired yet) and we have THE DOGS! 

We love to hear your stories.  Use our Contact Us page to tell us you, your rides, and what we can add to this site.