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Have you been listening to Adventure Rider Radio (acadia-1 )? We happen to come across this series of podcasts while looking for more information on adventure riding 2up. It was begun in 2014 by Jim and Elizabeth Martin.

I’ve been looking through the podcast and found one 2up riders should listen to (the podcast are all interesting, but this one is on topic) “Pillion Power-Two Up or Not”. The host, Jim Martin talks with Shirley Hardy-Rix and Brian Rix–2 up riders that have adventured in a big way!

The podcast is about an hour long and they talk about the advantages and disadvantages of riding 2up. Throughout the interview Shirley and Brian share their experiences of adventure riding–good and bad. It is worth the time to listen.

My favorite, non-technical point comes at the end of the podcast when Shirley says she and Brian like to share a beer at the end of the night to talk about their day’s ride and each other’s experiences…after all the ride from the driver’s seat is different from the ride in the pillion and vise versa.

Craig and I have been known to share a beer or two after the bike has been put to rest at the end of the riding day. Finding locally crafted beers is part of the fun of our trips.

Adventure2up. Be Safe-Craig and Bridget

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