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Adventure Touring Podcast – www.adventureriderradio.com

Have you been listening to Adventure Rider Radio (acadia-1 )? We happen to come across this series of podcasts while looking for more information on adventure riding 2up. It was begun in 2014 by Jim and Elizabeth Martin.

I’ve been looking through the podcast and found one 2up riders should listen to (the podcast are all interesting, but this one is on topic) “Pillion Power-Two Up or Not”. The host, Jim Martin talks with Shirley Hardy-Rix and Brian Rix–2 up riders that have adventured in a big way!

The podcast is about an hour long and they talk about the advantages and disadvantages of riding 2up. Throughout the interview Shirley and Brian share their experiences of adventure riding–good and bad. It is worth the time to listen.

My favorite, non-technical point comes at the end of the podcast when Shirley says she and Brian like to share a beer at the end of the night to talk about their day’s ride and each other’s experiences…after all the ride from the driver’s seat is different from the ride in the pillion and vise versa.

Craig and I have been known to share a beer or two after the bike has been put to rest at the end of the riding day. Finding locally crafted beers is part of the fun of our trips.

Adventure2up. Be Safe-Craig and Bridget

Who we are

“Only a biker knows why a dog sticks his head out of a car window.”
-Author Unknown

I saw this quote about 12 years ago, wrote it on a scrap of paper and stuck it to the side of the fridge.  It made me laugh…it spoke to me…and gave me hope that the day would come when my husband and I could motorcycle together again.  We were able to do so in 2012 when we bought a new BMW R1200GS.  This street/off-road was a new style of bike to us. We had never “adventure” toured or ridden before, but the idea excited us.

We are 2 middle aged bikers exploring dirt and mountain roads. We seek out logging and fire roads and whatever path we can find that isn’t too narrow to turn around on if we must.  We live in the New England area and have access to some of the most beautiful country we have seen so far.  We ride 2 up, usually under a full load.  Our rides are normally 3-5 days in length.


Mt. Greylock State Reserrvaton 9-16-12We have noticed that there are not many websites or blogs that are dedicated to 2 up adventure riding and decided to share our experiences and hard-gained knowledge with others.  Hopefully we will also hear back from other 2 up riders about their experiences.  We are not experts by any means, just out there playing in the dirt and mud and water and having fun trying to stay shiny side 2 up.  Who are we kidding-there is no shiny side in adventure riding!  It is all covered in dust and dirt!


Our website www.adventure2up.com is a work in progress.  We are busy posting our trips and routes (not all will have routes for some are lost forever do to a computer meltdown–we can laugh about this now).  We will also have pictures, make mention of equipment we use (likes and dislikes), things we have learned from other riders and things we have learned by riding.


Adventure 2up. Be safe-Craig and Bridget



Welcome to our new website.  We are Craig and Bridget, adventure touring enthusiasts.  We tour mostly 2 up in the northeastern U.S.  We started this site to share our experiences, lessons learned, and to here from other riders.  We hope you find this sire useful and visit if often.

Happy riding!