Why do we ride in full color?

I am not referring to club colors, I mean colorful jackets, pants, and bike . As you go through our recent pictures you will see many different colors. Me in a BMW Dry Suit  with yellow and white. My wife’s is red a gray.


We have added reflective stickers to the aluminum panniers and LED driving lights. This is very different from our original look, black riding suits, black helmet, black and aluminum Vario bags on a silver and black bike. Why the change to color?

On a nice afternoon riding 2Up we were a block from home making a left onto our street. A car was at the intersection sitting at a stop sign. I slowed down and made eye contact with the driver as proceeded into the intersection. He looked me in the eye and promptly pulled out as we rounded the corner. First contact with on my left foot which pushed the bike sideways. We almost made it around the car when the car’s mirror caught my wife in the shoulder. That flipped the bike high side. I landed on my hands and knees, my wife on her side one leg under the bike. Fortunately this was a slow speed accident and no one was seriously hurt but it we were not able to ride for over 6 weeks. bridget-red

The driver actually drove another 40 feet before stopping, not comprehending what had just happened. He got out of the car with the classic line “I never saw you.” When I entered the intersection I knew he might not see us. I slowed in full view of him and made eye contact. He looked right through us and ran us over.

me-yellowWould our new threads and other colorful bits have prevented this? Of course there is no way to know. But I do know objects with multiple primary colors stand out. Fire trucks are red for a reason. We may not look cool in our mismatched suits, but we stand out. And that’s the point.

Adventure2up. Be Safe-Craig and Bridget

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